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Fall Neutrals

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


Who else is ready for fall?! The weather sure has been dropping here in Chicago and it has me excited for Fall weather and duh...Fall fashion!

Every Fall I look forward to layering clothes, those colorful and patterned scarves, booties, the crisp changing of the weather, the beautiful transition of the leaves from hues of green to warm orange, red and yellow tones. Oh, and don’t get me started on the pumpkin pies and dressing up for Halloween!

Pst...Halloween will be its own lil’ blog ;)

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…. Jumping back to Fall….

I love dressing for Fall! Those sweet booties and high heels us girls love so much, the cozy sweaters you just want to sink into, jeans of all shades and colors and of course...every girl’s favorite article of probably guessed it by now...LEGGINGS! Was I right ladies?

But anyways... Fall for me, means wearing warm and soft tones and possibly some color combinations that might complement one another (blue and yellow for example). When talking about warm tones, I am referring too hues of yellow, red, orange, brown, black, cream and possibly some pastel colors.

Being a photographer...I love taking advantage of what this season brings. Visually, Fall is great when it comes to color and fashion, however, the weather sure can be unpredictable sometimes. Photographing during the color change makes for beautiful images. Don’t get me wrong...Winter, Spring and Summer are great and all but Fall cannot compete in my opinion.

I wanted to capture the beginning of Fall, hence my first blog post...EVER...for me personally at least. I decided to call up my friends and style them in a way I think works great with Fall fashion.

For this first look, I was aiming for something stylish, fresh and edgy all at the same time. Then I had the thought...leather jacket! Everyone needs to own a good quality leather jacket at some point in their life if they already don't. Moving on, I wanted a pair of blue jeans and a complimentary shirt that can work with the jacket both on and off. Going down to the shoes...a pair of unique boots that will create a nice color pop within the outfit to bring that level of edginess. Enough about this...let's see some examples!

Did you enjoy the bright yellow top welcoming Fall into Chicago? Did you see how those blue jeans incorporate the bright top? Like I mentioned earlier, blue and yellow are complimentary colors that are seen together frequently though one may not think they would work together. As for the shoes, bam! Bold, dark red boots for that little extra kick. And ladies...let's not forget about our leather jackets!

This next outfit showcases a bold maroon jacket, white tee, black jeans and Kaia Lace-Up Wedge Sneakers. I was looking for a more trendy but still casual ensemble when you are on the go with not much time to play dress up. I decided to add a pair of sunglasses that would make a statement...a type of style that is an eye catching accessory.

So let's scroll on down and see the next model rockin that simple Fall look!

Do yall remember how I mentioned neutral colors? Well, one of my favorite colors are grey and brown! Usually you wouldn't find grey hues gravitating around different tones of brown and tan colors...some might think those two color combinations don't work together...but let me tell you a lil' something...


Getting back on track now...this next Fall look can be called "cozy", "casual" and "simple". Another one of my favorite colors to wear is black. Black is one of those colors that will work with absolutely any piece of clothing no matter the style or color. And...did you know that black is known to be a slimming color? Dang...getting ahead of the post again **shaking my head**.

Anyways...take a look at this next model. I styled her to wear a simple grey long sleeve shirt with black skinny jeans. I decided to pair brown boots with a light brown, white and black scarf to tie in the look! The reason this scarf works when layered on a grey shirt is because it has hints of grey intertwined in the pattern! Neat huh? :) Also, scarves are always a great and cute accent piece to wear. Recap...this is a very simple look to complete and can work with many neutral color combinations. Check out the one below!

Well, it's 1:29 in the morning. I think I better wrap this up for now and hit the hay. I enjoyed sitting on my couch watching "Drop Dead Diva" listening to it as background noise while I sat and wrote this blog post. To be honest, it took me two something days to complete this post and a lot of secret office time at work went into this...teehee.

Okay, ta ta for now and keep an eye out for my next blog post.

It has to do with fashion photography in unusual environments!

Sweet dreams and good night.



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