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Trash The Dress

A Day At The Beach

"Trash The Dress"... a session that most women know of...a session that I had recently done with the help of my friend, Valerie. Sessions like this one usually include a bride (or a bride and groom) in her wedding dress...somewhere on the beach...dancing in the sun light as the waves hit her feet...the dress flowing with every movement...and her hair blowing against the wind. Did I paint a pretty picture yet? Oh! I also forgot to mention the sand oozing between her toes!

Well, I didn't have a bride....nor a wedding dress so I had to improvise just a bit. Once upon a time I went to my high school prom and bought a light blue, maybe a baby blue, dress from Chicos. I wasn't the girl who was ready to spend $$$ for a dress I was only going to wear once. And lettuce (yes, lettuce) be many times have we spent money on an article of clothing we only wore one time? *Raises hand*

I thought it would be a nice idea to incorporate my dress again! I mean...I did pay for it...and I did only wear it once...well twice...well Valerie...not me (: So yes! I wanted to achieve the "Trash the Dress" look with my old prom dress so I decided to pick up Val and drive down to one of my favorite beach spots. (And no, I won't spill the beans as to where I went.) It was a tad chilly at first but overall, I think the shoot went well. Come see for yourself below:

To be honest, this was my first "Trash The Dress." I wasn't sure how to approach it...I wanted beautiful images that portrayed both the model and the dress and I wanted something new and different apart from my typical "work." 

This was a really fun and lively session.  My boots got wet, It was a tad on the chilly side, my hair was flying all over the place and I got sand in my ragrets (only some will get this joke).

The shoot overall was well worth it. I got the chance to expand my creativity, play in the sand, listen to the crashing waves, run around the beach with my camera and trash my prom dress! What fun! was for me at least. To be honest, the hike up and down those never ending stairs to get to our location was a blast...said no one ever. But enough about the shoot and let's switch gears. Let's talk about me! I wanted to share my experience with you and show you a snippet of how the shoot went from behind the scenes. Check it out below!

Did you enjoy watching me parade from side to side in that short video? I did...better to walk around the sand than the I right?! But don't just listen to what I have to say...Valerie? 

"The session with Julia of "trash the dress" was fun. The water was cold at first but then I got used to it pretty fast. And the waves were pushing me left and right, dress was heavy and I got soaking wet. But this was a fun experience that I would no doubt do again in 60 degree weather lol. It was something different, unique and the view was fantastic." - Valerie B.

Thanks Val! You're a gem! I don't know anyone else who would get into freezing Lake Michigan to support their friend's hobby and passion. But then again...what are friends for right? 

But for now, toodaloo! Netflix is calling my name and it's time to chill. :) Till' next time.


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